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The Canon Pixma MP190 is an all-in-one color inkjet printer.

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Canon IPF 750 Plotter motherboard stubborn ribbon cable

Greetings all. I am replacing a motherboard on a Canon IPF 750 Plotter. I know a PIXMA MP190 was selected but I had to choose something. All cables have come off fine with the exception of one thin ribbon cable. The two connectors above it had lift up locking levers alas this one does not. Even spoke with a Canon technician whom would have to see it to be certain but was of the opinion that it should just pull out.

I can see any indication on the connector that there is a way to unlock this cable. I've pulled pretty danged hard on the cable end to no avail and want to avoid damaging the cable. The PCB board itself also flexes quite a bit which is concerning.

Here's a couple pic links for discussion:



Curious if anyone has any suggestions for removal tools other than gripping with fingers.

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It definitely looks like a LIF, Low Insertion force connector. If it were soldered in place the ribbon cable would not have the blue reinforcing plastic on one side. The photos did not seem to show any corrosion, but there may be a little corrosion that is causing the contacts to stick. If it is corrosion, you can try cleaning with alcohol to loosen the ribbon cable. If you can get one side to move but not all of the ribbon cable then that is corrosion.

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Thanks for the response. I will acquire some alcohol to clean with and give it another go. I'm presuming gripping both sides of the blue reinforced end should be sufficient to extract cable? Is there a gripping tool recommended for such cables over the use of fingers?


No, it is supposed to be low insertion force. The other with a latch is called ZIF for zero insertion force. Cable plugged into ZIF connectors can be pulled out with out releasing the latch, although this frequently breaks the latch.


Worst case scenario would be that you would have to get a replacement cable.


Thanks for the advice. Alcohol seems to have done the trick and 20 minutes after application was able to pull cable out with reasonable effort rather than nigh cable breaking effort.


You should inspect the cable, if you can set up a meter and do continuity checks on each pin to see if there is any broken wires. Another trick is to polish the pins on the cable with a pencil eraser and then clean the residue with alcohol. Good job freeing the cable.


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