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Second generation Chromebook released by Google in 2015.

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Battery Replacement for Chromebook

Please let me know how I can change my Chromebook Pixel 2 (2015) battery

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Buy a Li-ion Genuine Battery For C1551B 7.6V 70.6Wh 9295mAh on Ebay and replace the battery.

I’ve successfully changed my Pixel’s battery: Open Pixel according to iFixit description, unplug the old battery, use a hot air gun to soften the sticky pads and remove and replace it with the new battery.

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  1. follow ifixit’s guide to remove the back panel.
  2. unplug the battery (there is only one cable, unplugging it is easy)
  3. remove the old battery. This is the hardest step, the battery is glued and removing it is practically impossible without destroying - or at least without twisting and deforming - the old battery. Proceed carefully, a heat gun helps. Also to pry the old pieces off I found that a kitchen butter knife works best. I tried a plastic spudger at first and it broke. Be careful especially when you remove the MIDDLE TWO pieces of the battery (there are six in total, and it’s best to start from the sides and work your way towards the middle). The middle two pieces are glued to a metal plate that sits under the mousepad, and if you’re not careful it’s very easy to get that plate deformed and twisted. Just use a heat gun and go slow.
  4. finally putting the new battery on is straightforward. The batter should have protective film covers on both sides. First remove the protective film cover on the side of the adhesives. Place the battery in its place, press, and only then remove the protective film cover now facing you.


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