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The Brother HL-1112 printer is a compact monochrome laser printer, meaning it only prints documents in black and white.

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Printer doesn't print, only blinks

So, my Brother HL-1112 toner had been refilled recently. When I turn it on it runs through basic heatung up procedure, but stops in the middle of it and just blinks with yellow light. Printer is connected via usb, but does so even when not connected at all. On the computer it's somewhy displayed as Brother HL-1110. When I try to print something it just doesn't add document to queue and troubleshooting doesn't detect anything. Drivers are up to date (at least device manager says so). Reinstalling the printer hadn't changed anything, nor did turning printer off and on and I have no idea what will

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if u try print out some picture when ur drum n toner are full. maybe resize ur picture smaller


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Was the toner life reset after it had been refilled?

Here is a link that shows how to reset it manually.

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Just did. Now it works. Thanks


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