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This computer was released by Asus in 2014.

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Bios Battery Date and Time wrong

Where is the BIOS battery located

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how to change time in asus?


how to change time and date in asus eeebook?


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Hi, . Well I've jus took apart & Put all back again the way it was This very Same Asus X205T my self my friend, . & jus as I went to put the bottom on an Screw it all up Until I Fort, . I've Seen NO Coms Battery AT ALL, . ? So I've jus looked for One all over the inside of the Full Unit but can't find 1 any were, . ? Or even were a coms battery would Go, . ? As we can Norm See/tell were the Coms battery Should go “NORMALLY” . lol . ??? So, . Don't this model of Asus X205T Laptop/Notebook NOT Have Any Need Now Days for this, . Out Dated . & is Jus 100% Bear Trouble . & What Causes MOST Laptop & Notebook & Desk Top PROBLEMS, . . Good Old COMS BATTERY Any More, .

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Follow the iFixit guide to take out the motherboard.

Look for a battery that is flat and round which looks like a watch battery.

Asus EeeBook X205TA Motherboard Replacement

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