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2015 Mart ayında duyurulan ve 10 Nisan 2015’te piyasaya sürülen Galaxy S6, Galaxy serisinin önde gelen ürünüdür. Kavisli ekran versiyonu Galaxy S6 Edge olarak bilinir.

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Phone glitching, Custom OS warning

My phone randomly turned off. I held the power button, the home button, both of them at the same time, I tried the volume up button with the power button, I basically tried every combination of buttons I could, and it was completely blank. I plugged it in and got a battery charging sign, which alternated with the Samsung logo. I tried volume up + home + power button, and it started alternating between the Samsung logo screen and an "installing systems update" screen. I held volume down + home + power, and got a warning screen about a "custom OS" and it said to press the volume down to cancel it or the volume up to continue with it, but whenever I press one of the two it either immediately goes away or does nothing. It is currently stuck flashing between the Samsung screen and the "installing systems update" screen, both of them flash for about one second and then go away for about two (like the logo will flash for a second, then go black for two, then show the systems update screen, then go black, and it continues). It's been like this for about 2 hours. How do I fix it??

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Phone was dropped in toilet bowl a month ago there a little water in side phone a week later starts glitching non stop


I just had this happen with a blue screen, asking me to install custom OS or cancel. I have rooted phones before and never seen this. I have never even attempted to root my note 8 but saw this and got freaked out like it is a hack. I long pressed power button to reset and it did, but I'm still worried my phone is compromised.


My samsung galaxy tablet is doing the same thing but I don't think its battery is replaceable and It is not charged at all and it only shows something when I plug it in please help


My galaxy S6 did this. Shut down automatically, wouldn't restart. Before this happened I kept getting a pop-up message that a diagmonapp(?) feature wasn't working. Not sure if related. After ph shutdown, I did vol down+power+home buttons 1 at a time & held it for a few secs. It came up w/ the blue download screen. I freaked too. Wasn't sure my ph was hijacked either. After multi attempts to restart w/ the vol down & only got stuck on solid samsung screen, I gave in & did vol up to download. We have super slow upload/download speeds (2/4 on CenturyLink). Not sure if it's my download rate (espec since all are home due to Coronavirus) or something else. My battery seems to charge ok, but runs down quickly. Have to charge it 2x/day. I've been using battery saver mode to conserve energy at night, as it leaves ph/alarms active. I'm disabled, my life is on my phone, it's my lifeline. I've been fairly diligent scan'g w/ antivirus. P.S. Didn't think battery was removable in S6, which was an initial complaint? Are all able to now?


I’ve got a Samsung s6 that’s stuck on the Samsung flashing logo screen, it did this after a factory reset because I’m about to send the phone off after I sold it.

I’ve tried manually factory resetting it and restarting it, nothing.

I’ve soft rebooted it also nothing, the only option that might work is the custom reboot option and it says downloading do not turn off target.

How long does it take to re download and what options do I have if this also gets stuck?

So frustrating!


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Hold power + volume down + home until you get to the light blue screen, and select reboot phone. See if it gets stuck on the Samsung logo, firmware sounds corrupt in some sort of way if it auto boots to recovery again.

What is the model number of your phone?

It's either one of these things causing it:

- Bad Battery

- Corrupted Firmware

- Issue with the logic board (at this point paperweight phone pretty much).

Does the screen go off instantly when you unplug the charger? If yes then you probably have a faulty battery.

Make sure you try to charge the battery for about half an hour or two on the download mode screen if you haven't already to rule out the battery not holding charge.

You can go download mode by using home + volume down + power then select download mode.

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It's been doing the same thing, flashing between the logo and "installing system updates" all night, it shows the "custom OS" screen when I hold down volume down, home and power, but then it immediately goes away. Home, power and volume up does nothing. It immediately shuts off when I unplug it, and all the flashing stops and it doesn't do anything. But as soon as I plug it in it starts flashing the two screens again.


Immediately shuts down on unplug, you have a bad battery then.


Thank you replaced the battery


kinda late but I have a similar problem but my phone has a blank black screen the whole time whether it's on or off with the exception when it was in the warning custom os screen. I can't get it in that mode again no matter what I press. should I let it charge overnight? or should I give up on it and get an upgrade.


I have a similar black screen situation as Lefit Skillz. I have a J320a and was pressing power/home/vol down simultaneously when i got a warning custom os screen at least twice. Now I can't get it in that mode again...only black screen. Should I wait a while and try the simultaneous button holding again, or charge overnight, or upgrade?


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Hi, there. Not sure if this will help you, but I found Galaxy S4 trapped in a “Warning a custom OS can cause critical problems in phone and installed applications…” It gave me the option to push volume down to cancel and restart, but the volume down button did nothing. Removed battery, nothing. What worked? First, believe it or not, I prayed to ask God to help me with this issue. Then, after removing the battery, I restarted the phone with just the Power Button and Home Button pressed at the same time. It worked! So, my recommendation is to pray and try the Power Button and Home Button pressed together to start the phone up. Good luck!

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My phone for no reason wouldn't turn off well then I tried again it still would not and then it went to a blue screen telling me to download a custom OS to my phone well then I tried all the buttons and it didn't work besides the reset button and it's been 2 days and I still can't figure it out can someone please help me???


I have a Samsung Galaxy tablet and all I get is the Odin mode Downloading...DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET!!


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