XM radio- no power- not working

my XM radio will not turn on. It is the 2015 Onyx model. It is on about 8 hours a day and I shut it off at night. The other day when I tried to turn it on, it felt warm, as if it was already on.

I have had problems with it shutting off on its own late in the day sometimes. I could just power it back on.

Pushing the power button or holding it down a long time will not start up the radio.

These are just $79 radios ( plus $75 subscripton transfer) but is there any other trick to get this thing to turn on?

I see 3 holes in the back together with contact points under each hole? Would these be for a reset of some kind?


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Did you push the ON button?

Okay, more seriously, you need to be a LOT more specific with your question. You've done the tech support equivalent of going to the doctor and saying "it hurts" and expecting a complete diagnosis. What model radio? Where is it getting power from? Did it EVER work for you? Did anything significant happen between the last time it worked and the first time it stopped working? Etc, etc, etc. Details are important; help us help you.


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