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Charge port - can I replace my iPhone 6s CP with the one in my iPhone6

My iPhones keep losing its ability to charge (3rd in a few years). It usually begins with some lint getting in the charge port, then it'll be okay for a little bit. Then it will act up again, but with no link in the way. I've found that 90% rubbing alcohol with a tooth brush will usually fix this situation. And the last legs are when the phone will only charge in very percarious positions. This whole process is very frustrating, I'm currently in the 3rd stage of my phone ailment where I'm only able to charge my phone in a diagonally upside down position...

I bought a charge port for my iPhone 6 a few months ago - but the phone itself became so slow and the battery was so poor that I ended up getting an iPhone 6s. The new iPhone 6s was working great until recently - I'm not doing the awkwardly placed charging work around.

I was wondering if I could remove the newer charge port from my iPhone 6 and put it into my declining iPhone 6s.... would they be compatable?

Thank you ,


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What about a IPhone 6s Plus and a IPhone 8 Plus charging ports. Can they be swapped out?


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They will not work on eachother. For one the speaker on 6s has different "connector pads" than the iphone 6

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Thank you, I appreciate you response. I checked out the replacement peaces, too and realized they're different. Thanks again.

- Pat


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Could I used a iPhone 6plus charging port in a iPhone 6s Plus ?

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