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A 3.6 V screwdriver powered by Black and Decker. Repair requires only common tools.

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Model 7014 electric black and decker variable drill

I read the manual and still do not know how to reverse the drill direction. Thx.

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@jenregama it appears as if the 7014 is not a reversible drill.

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Thx ... and i am sure that is the correct answer.


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Respectfully, are you sure the model # is "7014" from 'B&D'?

Acknowledging that I'm am not the 'all seeing wizard from Oz', I don't recall the '7014 'series as you mention.

However, I do remember the older '7104' model line from years ago i.e. vintage.

Does it look something like any of these?

If so, I don't believe that there is a reverse function on these drills.

Best wishes ;-)

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Thx. Yes, it looks like the 7104 .. in fact the manual states it applies to that model also. I believe my 7014 is just an older model. I appreciate your input. I do wonder how the old skool drillers managed to back out those screws!!


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