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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6S Plus that was released on September 25, 2015. Model A1687, A1634

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Phone suddenly turned off and died.

Was browsing Youtube. The phone suddenly went black or dark blue. I managed to turn the phone off using only by pressing Power Button and Home button simultaneously. After that, the phone resisted to turn back on, but after some rigorous tries, it showed some life signs (1. An apple logo on a white screen appeared, but nothing after that happened. It was just stuck in that position. 2.The apple logo appeared and then the same black (dark blue) screen that was in the beginning.

After that no matter how I tried I was unsuccessful at repeating and forcing the phone to display the apple logo.

Phone nonresponsive , doesn't vibrate, doesn't display any sound.

Tried charging it. Tried connecting it to the computer (doesn't even recognize that I connected it).

Everything was normal and nothing unusual was happening before this event.

Could you please guide me towards what could be wrong? I have a spare battery that I'm willing to try changing, but if it's the logic board, I think I'll just give it to a specialist.

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A similar thing happened to my iphone 6s+. Suddendly the screen turns black and nothing makes it turn back on. Connected to the charger, it shows the little red line (means battery is flat, was 75% before death. Waited 5 minutes and the phone is back on, asking me for the PIN number. After entering, everything is back, even power is at 75% again.

This process happened 5 times since yesterday. I keep it connected to power and order a new phone....


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Sounds like a logic board issue to me.

If you can't get Apple logo with battery unplugged and charger plugged in, there is definitely a fault in the logic board.

Should be able to fix with board level repair / microsoldering.

Worst case would be the main processor chip gone bad which would mean the phone is a paperweight.

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Same thing happened with my phone!! Don't know what to do!

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Same thing happens to me last Friday.

I don’t know what to do


Me too! After i online on Telegram, I leave the iphone on my bed and went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. Few minutes later, I looked up my iphone and tried to unlock it. It's just shows nothing. I've tried the ON/OFF+HOME 20 SECOND method and still doesn't work. Please Help Me!


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I had been having lesser issues for a month or two. Today, it just died. Period. I have it plugged in, but it’s dead. No suggestions. Sorry. My husband is having similar problems with his Android. Could it have something to do with the provider? (Spectrum)

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