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Model A1418 / Early 2013 / 3.3 GHz Core i3 Processor / Education only model

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iMac (post 2012) HD replacement: alternatives to double-sided tape?

Going to bite the bullet and replace HD on some 21.5 iMacs that require cutting the foam seal and then taping the display back in.

Traditionally, either you cut your own double-sided tape or buy pre-cut adhesive.

I was wondering if anyone has ever simply taped the Mac back together on the OUTSIDE using black gaffer's tape, rather than spend so much time scraping off the old adhesive on the inside.

I'm going to try it anyway; I have a couple of these iMacs with dead motherboards to use as guinea pigs. Just hoping that maybe someone else has already tried it.

Speed is more important than aesthetics in this case.


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I think it looks quite crappy doing that ;-{ The tape (or precut) is not that expensive.

Besides masking tape or duct tape (gaffers) will dry up or get gummy and leave a mess to the point the display could even slip off (you'll also pull off the coatings)! These tapes don't have the correct adhesive to last that long.

I could see using it while working on the system. But not as a permanent fix.

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Thanks for posting an answer so quickly, but have you actually done it and seen the tape dry out or gum up over time?

Gorilla tape has a very strong, long lasting adhesive. I've used it to tape together things that are exposed to moisture outdoors and it seems to hold forever. The goal is to get a couple more years out of the Macs while waiting for funding for replacements. We're talking about 100 Macs. We need a procedure where techs can do this replacement rapidly and get the Macs back into production.


I've seen the effects of crappy tape! I've spend hours cleaning it off!

There's another side of this if you use Gorilla tape its to good! Again you'll end up damaging your display! Short cuts tend to be costly!


A 100 Mac's is quite a lot of systems! Are you a school? I would reach out to IFIXIT directly to see if they can give you a better price for bulk order.


Yep. I'm with Dan on this one. After all this site is called ifixit.


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Do it once. Do it right.

From my experience temporary fixes or 'bodges' as we call them in UK.

Tend to come back & bite you on the preverbale behind.

Tape & solvents are designed by experts for specific uses & applications.

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Have you actually tried it? I'm looking for an answer from someone who's tried it and can report on how this type of adhesive job holds up after a couple of years.

. I realize that it's a bodge or a hack or whatever. But it seems that the tape on the inside could dry out too because you'll never get as good a bond as the factory seal. Some brands of gaffer's tape are very strong. I'm trying to save $ and time. The iMacs are already depreciated at 5-6 years old. I'm trying to wring the last bit of life out of them.


If you insist. I would tend to use scotch magic tape.

Leaves less residue. Easier to remove. You are going to make the eventual trade in value next to nothing if you damage the external casing heavily with sticky duck/gaffer style tape.

I know it sounds a bit mental but what about velcro for a quick release solution.


I ended up using Scotch Tape on the outside and it seems to be holding well. I didn't scrape any of the foam/adhesive out of the inside of the case. It looks crappy but I'd rather see some tape than a spinning beachball while trying to launch Word 2016.


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