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Repair guides for the Shure SM58-LC Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone.

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Why is my Shure SM58 microphone glitching out?

Whenever I record something into my Shure SM58, I play it back and then I don't hear anywhere near what I was recording. Instead, I hear something that sounds more like a robot struggling to have a human voice. It sounds as if the audio is all glitched out. It might not be my microphone though, considering that the audio runs through my pre-amp. My pre-amp is a Focusrite Scarlett Solo 2nd generation. If anybody has any thoughts and/or solutions to this problem please help. This started occurring very recently and I have had the mic for about two months now. Thank you.

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Perhaps your recording level is set too high and it is clipping?

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Start with a good cable tester. but use De Oxit on the cable first. If the cable is good spray every possible contact with De Oxit (AKA) contact spray. Follow the directions on the can and repeat several times. My bass player swore that his speaker was blown. This spray applied and worked into and onto all cable plugs and all input jacks (instrument and speaker cable) did the trick. As I was doing this, he was insisting that it wouldn’t work. He was absolutely dumbfounded when it worked like a charm. Be liberal with it and repeat if necessary. I used it once on my guitar input and it didn’t work. I brought to my guitar tech. He did the same thing I did with the deoxit 4 times in a row and it’s been working ever since. You spray it on, plug, unplug, twist etc and repeat 3-4 times if needed. Works wonders on volume and tone pots to. Mixing boards amps etc.

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