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A 12.2-inch "prosumer" tablet released in February 2014. Powered by a custom version of Android 4.4 KitKat.

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Heatsink paste/pad replacement info

Hi, is it possible to replace thermal pad on the note 12.2. My tablet is over heating regularly and happy to do, just wanted info regards pad thickness etc.

Cheers for help


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I'm going to say that the short answer is no. All of the major components of this board are hidden under metal shields that are soldered to the board. I can see a heat sink pad sitting underneath one of them, but good luck getting access to it (I'm guessing a different pad wouldn't solve the issue, anyway).

Technically you could remove those shields but I wouldn't even bother trying with so many major plastic connectors so close to the shields. The board itself looks like it was purposefully designed to make repairing these very difficult.


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Daniel Marsden there are no heatsinks and no thermal paste due to the nature of the processor. The EMI shields can be cut off with some sharp scissors or properly desoldered. Right now there is no reason for it. When you say it heats up let us know exactly what happens. It is unusual for that tablet to heat up to the point of shutting down.

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