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A 15.6" NoteBook from Gateway released in 2010.

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Dropped laptop, Boot Mgr came up. What do I try next?

Bumped table with Gateway laptop NE56R48u, it fell onto Saltillo tile floor. Left off for 3 days. Tried to power up while plugged into outlet. Nothing after several hours and trying several key combinations to restart, etc. Nothing. Shut down, unplugged, waited a few hours. Put on rubber soled shoes and opened up back hoping to find something loose, took out battery, then reseated. Still no luck.

After a few days, tried it again and nothing happened for awhile. Then Boot Manager popped up. Screen said:

Boot. Option. Menu

“Up arrow” and “down arrow” to change option.

ENTER to select an option


Block Image

the rest of the screen is options to choose.

Nothing on keyboard seems to work.

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can you restart it and once you push the power button to turn it back on keep spamming the F1 key until something comes up then what do you see?


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Based on the age of your laptop, it definitely has a mechanical hard drive. Any sudden impact can damage mechanical hard drives beyond repair. It is very likely that you hard disk drive is damaged. Lack of any devices in the boot manager confirms this. It is also possible that other components suffered from the drop.

Firstly, I would try removing the hard drive and see if I can successfully power up the laptop without any issues. It will not boot but if it powers on and displays a message that there is no boot device or takes you to the boot manager, it means that other hardware is potentially in good shape.

From this point, there are two possible outcomes:

1. Your laptop powers up fine very time after removing the hard drive, meaning you just have to buy a new hard drive and install it. Installing a new hard drive may or may not be difficult; this depends on the model of your laptop.

2. Your laptop will not power up correctly or still appear to be not working correctly. This means that other components have been damaged, making the repair much more difficult. If that is the case, I would recommend taking the laptop to someone with experience when it comes to laptop/pc repairs. They should be able to quickly carry out some checks and determine which components are damaged apart from the hard drive.

Can you see any plastic covers on the bottom of the laptop labeled "HDD" or with a image that resembles a hard drive? If you can then you can find the hard drive under that cover. Usually, the cover is held in place with some screws. Remove the screws and you should be able to remove the current hard drive and install a new one.

If you do decide to install a new hard drive, you will also have to reinstall Windows.

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I thought the BIOS was stored on the motherboard itself. putting it on the hard drive seems very inconvenient.


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You could make a new boot file on a flash drive

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