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Fuse blown on Panasonic Dimension4 Microwave/Convection the Genius

I experienced a power surge in my house causing numerous items to not work. On a few of them, I simply replaced a small cartridge type fuse (3 or 5 amp glass/ceramic type) to get them working. I took apart my microwave oven and sure enough there was a small fuse on the main control panel (front keyboard) that was blown. I replaced that one - BUT upon plugging in the oven, the replacement 5 amp fuse immediately blew. There is no apparent damage to any of the electronics and there is no 'burnt' smell present. There is a small board that appears to be a 'power board' of some sort - identified as B692Y - with black input and output wire connection points and white wire connection points - with a coil in between. This board clearly shows a 125V FUSE 15A - but there is no apparent fuse - or one that I recognize - with no apparent damage. I do not know what to do to proceed and any suggested course of action would be appreciated.

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Hi stren7 , sorry to hear about that, normally if fuse flown, means there are more serious fault which need attention. possible to take the picture of the power board you had mentioned for us to look? do you have a multimeter with you?


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Hi guys, I am working on getting a pic that I can upload. I do have a multi-meter. I will work some more on getting a pic.

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