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Released December 8, 2009, the Toshiba Satellite L455D-S5976 has a silver upper case and a silver/black lower case. It has a 15.6 inch screen with TOSHIBA written in all capital letters on the back of it.

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Why isnt my windows booting up

bold textMy laptop will come on but the windows wont boot completely up and i am wanting to know what i can do to fix it myself

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What OS is installed?

What indication if any is on the screen?


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Something you can do is press F8 while booting to bring you to the Windows recovery screen. That could possibly help. If that doesn't help, you can burn a Windows installation disk and recover your installation that way.

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how can i burn an installation



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Crystal - Martin's answer is correct.

Did you first try the power OFF, power ON, Function key F8 ? Did a simple menu appear, mentioning "recovery" ?

A Microsoft Installation CD will ask you the same questions. Do you wish to Recover ?

Recovery will try and save your documents, photos, eMail, etc.

Re-Installation will be your LAST resort.

You will need a Installation CD (may be a DVD) to go further.

A 'geek' friend, or the 'guru' at the local PC repair shop would be your best bet.

We cannot tell you how to make an installation disk, without more information.

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