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Complete repair manual for the PSP Go, including battery upgrade and display repair instructions.

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Broken trigger ribbon connection

Hi I broke the little plastic plug that the ribbon cable for one of my triggers like in these images that I found on an unanswered question. I didnt even realise I broke it compeletly when working on my PSP, they must be very brittle.

How it should look (the right trigger on my unit)

How my left trigger connector looks

I've tried securing it down to the logic board with electrical tape, but to no avail. My repair skills are pretty basic, but I'm willing to learn - how can I go about fixing this?

Is there anyway to repair this or is my PSP GO dead due to a basic plastic part :(

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Well I know for sure electrical tape won't work, it's barely even tape.

You need to secure it using the connector and it's locking mechanism, not tape or anything, I just hope u didn't lose the lock.


Nah lost the lock a long time ago lol the whole this came off, seems to work with blue tack, used the same trick on my broken switch joy con


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I’ve repaired these numerous times but it all boils down to the condition of ribbon.

I have done it several ways. I’ll list them: You can scrape the ribbon to expose the metal . Then use trace repair on it. It’s made up of like silver paste with an adhesive mixed in.
I just looked it up . It’s called a silver pen

You can hard wire it. Get like 18 or 20 gauge wire and solder them.

I’ll leave it there and that should do it. The other methods are complex and too hard to explain.
Good-luck and hope this helps

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