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very hard setting, very clear epoxy glue

Hi all. Can anyone recommend an epoxy glue that I can repair a cracked and chipped agate stone that is set into an expensive ring. I really dont want to have to replace the stone as its an irregular shape so fitting a new stone to the ring will be too hard. I want to try to mask the cracks and missing spaces with a tough but clear glue that wont yellow with age. I anticipate mixing it with acetone to give it additional flow. I found something very expensive stuff but before i go that route Id appreciate seeing if anyone has any recommendations. Araldite was too opaque and yellows I think. Many thanks

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had a look and can find this but not sure if its what your looking for or not

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Thanks so much for looking. I'm in the uk and they dont ship to uk. will look and see if I can find it on the uk amazon


what about car window chip epoxy


good idea. I wonder if I can get it in small quantities though. Its the shipping that seems to send the cost up. I found the 303 glue but even on uk amazon the postage is 3 times the price of the glue! Thanks for your input


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Hi I have great success with UV resin it uses ultraviolet light from a UV torch or even the sun, you can get it on Amazon, hope this helps.

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