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Repair manuals and information for Microsoft's Surface Studio all-in-1 desktops.

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Do I need to back up my surface studio before changing the hard drive

how Do I back up my surface studio before changing the hard drive

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It is a "best" practice to back up data before doing any upgrades or repair. Most of the time nothing goes wrong and the data is intact. But, sometimes things go wrong and the data gets partially or completely wiped out and having a back up makes recovery easier. You should, at a minimum, back up important files and pictures that are not replaceable.

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Solid advice.


I understand about data files, but what about system files like windows OS, drivers, system applications, since the new drive is blank how do I transfer those files to the new drive.


It is better to install Windows as a "clean" installation. Windows will find the drivers for the installed hardware most of the time, when it can not find the driver then it would be manually downloaded from manufacture site. After the drivers are installed then install applications. Applications can not be copied, they must be installed to work. You will need to either download install files or use the CD/DVD installation.


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