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The Epson Artisan 1430 is a color inkjet photo printer.

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How much humidity can Epson printers take?

Could I use a humidifier in enclosed space with Claria ink printer? The nozzles dry fast in this desert. Cigar humidifiers are available from 65% to 75% humidity. Would that be too much?

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Oh, ahh, checked the Epson manual, on the last page: Operation: 20% - 80% rh, Storage: 20% -85% rh

Tighten the seal on the box holding the printer, and install a humidor humidifier. This will maintain 70% rh. thanks

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I believe printers should be fine to work in humid environments. You should be fine.

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Strange, my printers heads kept drying out and I was told (here’s the thread) that adding a humidifier in the room that has the printer will work in preventing this problem. I did as it was recommended, and higher RH improved this situation. But I suppose it only make sense in a very dry climate (as we live in a desert).

I try to keep my humidity between 40 & 50%, been using an Epson printers for many years with no problems (4000, 9800 and now a 9900 for close to 2-years). Just be sure to get a humidifier with in-built sensor (mine is Levoit) to keep it under control, and everything would be just fine.

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