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Repair information for the 6th generation iPod nano. Released in September of 2010. Model Number: A1366.

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Why do my songs only play for 45 seconds?

Ever since the last time I synced with my computer my songs will only play for about 40 seconds, then go off. I have to hit the button to bring the screen back up, it is on the "Play" screen. I can hit the play arrow and the song begins playing again from the exact spot that it stopped. I have tried re-syncing it without any improvement.

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Good Job Wendy. Now all you have to do is to accept your own answer so we know that you case is resolved. Great job



Thanks for the instructions. I have accepted my answer and assume my problem is resolved. Thanks again.



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Never mind - I found out the problem. My earplug was not pushed all the way in - it needs to be flush with the ipod or the song will go off when the screen goes blank. I found this resolution on the Apple site. Thanks. Sort of feel stupid!!

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You should try restoring it to its factory conditions using iTunes. That's of course after you back up your music

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I just received replacement for 1st generation iPod which had recently been recalled because of a defective battery. The replacement I received (6th generation - very nice) kept shutting off before finishing a song. I tried the suggestion to put in ear plugs so it is flush with the iPod. It works! Thanks!


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