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M570 Wireless Trackball Mouse. Released in 2010.

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How to disassemble trackball

I need to clean the trackball rollers inside the mouse, how do i dissasemble

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Thanks for the quick response, that was extremely helpful.


I examined my bearings under a magnifier and saw fine pet hair and what may be skin cell crud. Scrubbed the bearings with toothbrush and alcohol. Bearings didn't roll smooth until the alcohol dried. If I did it again, I would try with a dry toothbrush first.


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Here's how to tear it down:

Logitech M570 Wireless Trackball Switches Replacement

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Glad I could help.


Thanks, from me too. I just needed to clean the dust out of mine, so it didn't take as long as the instructions indicated. I guess they're actually for replacing the switches but the disassembly/reassembly is the same. MUCH appreciated!


The battery screw got me! Thanks a bunch!


This is perfect. This model is perfect for my hand and since it was superseded by a new one which is a bit too large for me I have to to take extra care of my old trackballs.


Thanks for this, great to find out where all the screws are hidden. Just needed a bit of a clean to get the switches working properly again.


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If all you’re trying to do is clean under the trackball, turn it over and push on it through the hole. It pops out.

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