Why no bootup? no sound, no umd/load, but green light is on

What can be wrong with the psp's i have ?

battery can't be it. tested it all out.

the consoles dont boot up anymore (no sound) green light is on

no umd load.

I tested on some, and they should work without screen. at least with sound...

anyhow what can be wrong why they dont boot up anymore ?

previously tested with screen and they worked.

waiting for a new screens to be sure it can be the broken screen.

should i look for fuses or replace cables or something?

Help me!

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@dbnijmegen I know it's been quite some time, and maybe you managed to fix it already, but in case you didn't, I'd like to try to help you.

I have a couple questions first, though:

1. You said "psp's" - how many are showing these symptoms?

2. What happens if you just leave them on for a while? Does the green light turn off after some time? If it does, can you hear a loud "click" sound from the speakers then?

3. Did you keep all your psp's with this problem in the same place? Is it possible they all had contact with water at some point? And if not water, some other external factor, like extreme cold or something like that. It's pretty unlikely, but I just want to make sure :)


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