Starting Windows from HDMI/VGA on my broken Alienware Laptop


The screen on my old Laptop got a crack while we were moving and since the warranty is already gone, I have nothing to lose by taking the whole thing apart. I decided to make a media pc out of it.


The first hurdle I ran into is that I can't launch it from a secondary screen plugged in via HDMI. I kind of have to chose on the main screen that I want to operate a second output source after start-up.

Do I need a Laptop-to-HDMI adapter or can I change something in the BIOS menu or the NVIDIA control panel?

Update (05/17/2018)

somehow I was not able to add fotos before.

Block Image

this is not my final idea, it's just my test setup. The picture with the red mark is the current main visual output.

Block Image


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