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Repair guides and support for headphones inserted into the ear or ear canal, also known as earbuds, earpods and earphones.

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Lower volume on one earbud after fixing it (soldering)

Got one earbud wire ripped out accidentally, but luckily the wire itself was still fine, just had to open the earbud and solder wires again. My earphones are Atomic Floyd super darts, high quality (as far as I can judge :-) ), so I could unscrew it to fix properly, or at least I tried.

Sound is back, but the earbud I fixed has a lower volume than the other one (as well as decreased sound quality). Tried several time, to soldering again several times, swapping wires (in case of), but still the same.

Don't think it would be a ear wax problem (even if I did clean the earbud) as they were working perfectly right before I ripped out the wire, and didn't use them since {~4-5 months).

Any idea why this would happen? Bad soldering? Bad/Wrong tin (Used with 40% lead)?

Thanks for your help.

(Sorry if I misused some terms, not English native and not used to electrical engineering language :-) )

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I figured out what is the problem.

Not saying my soldering is perfect but don't think the problem comes from here.

As well as a lower volume, the earbud has significantly lost quality.

I most probably damaged the voice coil while taking it apart.

There was this little hole where I put a needle into it to try to open it.

Figured out later that I just needed to unscrew it (well glued, so not so straightforward, stupid me still).

Forgot that I did that, a comment on another forum made me think of it again.

That's how you learn I guess :-)

Thanks a lot for your comments, you both had valid points that I did try or before or after (tried to resolder again this morning, but still same).

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Did you remove the acrylic insulation of the wire? You can remove this by heating the wire with solder for a while or burn it with a lighter.

Else it is probably a shortage, check if there is not a single little wire touching the other wire. Cut if off, or resolder.

I don't have any more idea's... Maybe you can send a photo of your solder work.

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It may happen. If you checked previous suggestions

- checking your own ears (switching earbuds left<>right)

- checking if your media player/sound card have sound balanced (same level for left and right ear)

- checking if its not clogged

It may very well be just plain simple failure of hardware.

I had before earbuds in which one side started to sound lower, after i checked all these things it was really just failure of hardware, I fought it by adjusting balance (put it more to side which got lower volume and increase overall volume)

But it kept decreasing until it was so low that having balance completely to that side had no effect. It may be same case.

If you check all above and earbuds are still under warranty, return it to store.

If no maybe start looking for replacement (meanwhile you can adjust it as I did by switching balance toward failing side).

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Thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately I tried all that.

As you mentioned I thought about adapting the balance so that volume is equal on both side, problem is that I switch between my earphone (commuting) and another headphone (at work) a few times per day, which is not convenient.

The best option would be to buy a new pair, but there are quite expensive and I feel like they could be fixed, so it's a pity to trash something that can still work.

Also I find it fun to fix electronic stuff :-)

I feel like it's more an electronic thing I haven't done properly when soldering.


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