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Guides for shoe repair and maintenance, keep your pair of foot apparel in pristine condition.

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Can my shoes be repaired

I have a set of modern trainers called huaraches, it’s basically like a netting on the front and a tiny part of the sewing has come off and it effects the front of them.

Can I get that repaired and if so how much.

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We don't offer repair services, we help people help them selves doing their own repair.

This sounds like you need to find a good shoe cobbler near you to see if they can help you.

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I just emailed Blundstone Canada, because, I was dismayed to read on their website FAQ, Blundstone states: "Once you've worn through the outsole of your boots it's time to replace them. Blundstone outsoles can't be repaired. "

This is completely incorrect.

I did a search of resoling Blundstones and have found a number of cobblers locally who will resole them.

In 2021 with our Climate crisis, I found this very irresponsible. Australia had some of their worst fires in history last year. Billions of animals, including koalas and kangaroos died very painful deaths.

All manufacturers should be making their products repairable.

I really hope Blundstone becomes a better corporate citizen.

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