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Can the 3rd gen iPod Touch be icloud locked?

Can the 3rd generation itouch be icloud locked? Or does it employ just a passcode for security?

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Nope! It is too old for an iCloud lock and only employs the passcode lock. Hope this helps!

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What was the first generation of the itouch that could be icloud locked?


To cloud lock if you would need to download find my iPhone but I’m not sure that it is able to download on that device.


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Yes, iPod Touch 3g can be iCloud locked, especially if the "Find my iPhone" app was installed.

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You can download Find my iPhone via iTunes then upload it to the ipod if the new version doesn't support it. iTunes can download old versions of apps you purchased/previously downloaded. You will have to also find an old version of iTunes around the 9.x or 10.x versions here. You need this version anyway because new versions of iTunes don't support that iPod.


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