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A sanitary disposal device for human waste. No plumber necessary! Fixing a toilet is more straightforward than many people think.

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Why is my toilet bowl leak water when not in use

In reference to the response to my toilet bowl doesn't hold water: Why would running water nearest the toilet impact the water level in the bowl if the vent is partial clogged?

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Some problems you may be encountering.

SOMETHING is causing a vacuum(plugged vent) and allowing the water to be sucked out of the toilet trap when another drain fixture is used.

One way you can check for a plugged vent is to flush the toilet, when it fills and the tank shuts off turn on hot and cold water in the closest fixture to the toilet(sink, tub), then watch the water level in the toilet to see if it moves. If this is the problem it should happen quickly(within 2 or 3 min).

Check the vent where it sticks up through the roof and look for obstructions(birds nest ect..)Look into the vent with a flashlight to see if obstruction is further down.

If so you can use a water hose to try and flush the pipe.You can also use a plumbers snake to try and pull any SOLID objects back out(rubber ball etc...)

Problem could also be that there is a crack in the trap of the toilet its self and the water is slowly running down the drain (lucky you ).In this case the toilet will have to be replaced due to the fact that the trap seal is being broken and allowing any sewer gases to enter the house.

Also if there is any crack in the toilet it presents a dangerous situation to anyone who uses it.

These are not the only causes but are things you can check for yourself.

Good luck and post back!

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Do you mean that water is constantly dribbling into the bowl? This is very likely a worn seal.

I've fixed this by replacing the rubber seal that sits at the bottom of the cistern.

You'll need to lift the flush mechanism out, to get to the seal.

Normally there are clips that hold the flush assembly and the cistern together. Get the assembly out, turn it upside down and you'll see the seal.

There are different sizes, so take it to your local hardware shop to get a matching replacement.

Very easy job to do.



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