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The Toyota Prius is a hybrid electric car designed by Toyota. The third generation, sold from 2009 to 2015, introduced a new body design with a lower coefficient of drag.

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Thermostate replacement 2014 Prius

I replaced my coolant at the dealership for my 2014 Toyota Prius at 50,000 miles . I asked the forum when you replace the thermostat . The answer was when the coolant was replaced , The dealer said they had never replaced a thermostat in a Prius . Their parts department said they had not ordered one either . Thermostats can't last forever . Is the dealer telling me the truth ? Advise ?

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Thank you for your insightful answer ! Having the history of replacement of the thermostat helps me understand why its not replaced as often in other vehicles I have owned .


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In the case of a Prius I wouldn't change the thermostat unless the car was overheating. Preventative maintenance is a good thing but in this case I would pass . The thermostat is hard to get to and requires a few hours of labor to replace. As for your statement "Thermostats can't last forever" no not forever but I know of a few vehicles with over 300000 mile that have never had theres changed . The dealer is probably being honest here . Most dealership look for ways to ding you . I would be thankful they didn't say they changed it when they hadn't and then charged you for it . Hope this helps

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