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Why is my ps2 not displaying pictures?

My ps2 is not showing any pictures just a screen with a zipped image like not even showing the main place where you wait for the game to open, just no image?

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my tv looks like nothing is connected to it


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okay so ive got a little bit of confusion on what you are getting. a zipped image to me, is the torn file image you get from a bad file, but no image means the screen is black.

The later can be caused by a bunch of issues.

1) Verify your connections: check your AV cables, and ensure they are in the correct places, and tight enough on each connector.

2)Verify continuity of cables: the easier way to verify your cables is to purchase a new set of them, however, you can also us a multimeter and the data sheet to test that the pinouts are in tact.

3)Possible Settings issue: Try a factory reset on the device. (Turn on the system with nothing in the tray so it will load into the dashboard. Press DOWN and then X. Hit DOWN, DOWN, DOWN then X then LEFT then X again. )

4) Port Damage: The connector to you system, OR The AV Cable connectors on your TV could have been damaged. Replacing these ports would fix your issue should this be the case.

5) Board level failures: You very well could have a GPU or related circuit failure on the logic board. In which case, a logic board replacement should fix your issue.

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I heard a black screen can be caused by a bad nand

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Someone has put a zipped file on your device. It is a type of computer (in a way). You have to have software to open the zipped file.

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