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Removing tiny screw fragment.

Ok, I thought I was clear and ready to repair these sunglasses myself but I was wrong. I sent them in to repair in Italy and was told I needed a new frame which is about the price I paid for them. No go!! I decided to order the legs and try to make this happen myself. The problem is that there is a tiny- and I mean tiny screw fragment still stuck on the frame and I can't re-attach the new leg. The picture I'm providing is from an iPhone 4 so the quality isn't the best, but you get an idea of what I'm dealing with. I would appreciate any suggestion. ;o)

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Here's what Ive tried: I have tried just screwing the new screw in hopin it would push or help the fragment out. I have also used a tiny screwdriver bit that's just a sharp point and have tried to get it out that way. No Dice.


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Take it to a Crown & Bridge dental lab, they'll have a high speed diamond bit small enough to grind it out. It will probably take them 3-5 minutes

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Great Suggestion +. But I wouldn't even know how to ask for such a peculiar favor. LOL


Ask with a picture of Hamilton or Jackson in your hand ;-)


Yeah, that'll make the whole awkward part feel a little better.


Do not forget about your local jeweler Great bunch of people with an array of lilliput tools :-)


Hmmmmm. Not bad Old Turkey. That sounds plausible as well.


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Get a Dremel kit from e bay or local hardware store. You can drill or grind it out yourself and you will always have it for future repairs.

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