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Replaced logic board, now getting a grey/white screen

I wrecked my logic board so bought a replacement one off ebay and swapped them over. When I put my ipod back together again I'm getting a weird grey and white screen, and there sometimes appears to be "www" written near the bottom.

Anyone know what it could be? I'm hoping it's a connector issue rather than me having broken something/bought a useless logic board. This is a 6th gen 160gb model.

I have attached a picture of the screen

Block Image

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looks like a connector. Make sure that the cable is properly inserted. Sometimes it has the tendency of going in somewhat crooked and can cause this. Clean it and try to reinstall. make sure the clip that holds the cable in the connector is properly engaged. Good Luck

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I have tried this but it doesn't seem to do anything, although I will try again. If it were just a dodgy connector then surely when I plugged my ipod into the computer it would recognise it? Unless of course it was both th screen connector and another one that weren't properly connected. Is there any way of knowing which connection is loose/faulty?


PedroOrange, yes it might but looking closely at your picture it looks like you have more than one problem. The "www" that shows is more than likely telling you on the ipod screen that there is and error and to go to So I would definitely try to reset the connections and to do a hard reset on your iPod as well as try to get your iPod into DFU and see if it changes anything.


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