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The Brother IntelliFax-2840 is a laser printer and fax machine designed for home or office use.

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My fax machine is in sleep mode. how to get rid of?

Because it's in sleep mode I can not send fax. How do I get rid of this so I can start faxing.

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Here is the user guide for your fax machine:

In chapter 1, page 4 and 5, it tells how to set the sleep timer, that is, how long the machine is idle before it will go into Sleep mode.

Press Menu / 1 / 4 / 2. You can then enter the length of time the machine is idle before going into Sleep mode. You can probably put zero to make it never enter Sleep mode. If it won't allow that, then put the highest number you can (e.g. 999999999). But if you do that, it will eventually go into Sleep mode, so "never" would be a better option than "999999999".

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Here is the Software User's Guide for your fax machine:

This guide will tell you how you can use your fax machine as a printer and scanner for your computer. It is a laser fax machine, so you will have a laser printer. And it has an ADF (automatic document feeder), so you will have a nice scanner for scan jobs that are on regular size paper.


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It is in sleep mode I cannot send my fax how can I get it out of sleep mode

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It in sleep mode


It is in sleep mode cannot fax my paper


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