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BLU Vivo XL2 shutting down with 98% battery life

I have the BLU Vivo XL2 for about 2 years now. About 2 months ago it started shutting down with 62% battery life remaining. I will attempt to do anything on the phone and it flashes the message Shutting down battery low. It starts shutting down then shows battery life at 0%. Now, all of a sudden it is doing that with 98% battery life. This is annoying as I was trying to reply to a text message and as soon as I touch any key it shuts down. Supposedly now they make these phone with non user replaceable batteries, which I think is totally wrong as you now can't have a backup spare as I do with the earlier Blu Vivo phone. What is the remedy? I am not one of these people that want to keep upgrading or changing phones. Just having a good phone that works and lasts for a good while would be nice. What is the solution to my phone issue?

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Hi @bude ,

Does it shutdown when you have the charger connected?

If not it may be that the battery is failing and needs to be replaced. If it is an original battery, even rechargeable batteries have a lifespan.

Here’s a link to a video that shows how to open the phone to access the battery for a Blu Vivo XL. I realize that this is not your particular model but hopefully it is close enough to be of some help.

I haven’t been able to source a replacement battery, but have found this link which at least shows that they are available, when in stock. Perhaps you could contact the supplier regarding future availability.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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My daughter has the Blu Vivo XL, but I have the Blu Vivo XL2 and is made a bit different and can't find a way to get it open or anyone that has a battery for it. It is supposedly non-replaceable. But no, it doesn't do it while on the charger, just when it's disconnected.


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