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First Generation Electric Motorized Longboard released by Boosted, June 2014.

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How do I change the motor?

I had an issue with my boosted board as I was riding, the left back motor suddenly overheated and just stopped turning , I let it cool down but when I try to accelerate (even when Im not on it) the left wheel turns very slowly as if there is friction stopping it from turning.

I contacted boosted but they required shipping the board to the US (I dont live in the US and shipping to the US is very expensive where I am from)

Any tips would highly be appreciated.

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I found this video on replacing a motor. It's for the V2 unfortunately, but I'm sure it can't be too much different compared to the V1? Either way, there's no way of replacing that motor unless you take it apart, find some serial numbers and manage to find the motor online with a data sheet. That motor by the sounds of things, sounds pretty knackered to me. Good luck.

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