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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Real answer for iPod 5th Gen BLACK ground strap?

Hi, this question has been asked four times so far here, and each time gets a different contradictory answer. The black ground strap we are instructed not to break in step 16 is missing from the replacement circuit board.

In order to make sure the question is clear this time, I've written it up with photographs on --> this page <--.

Please read the previous answers linked to there, before you add one of your own. If you believe the strap should be moved from the old board to the new one, please be specific:

  1. Please make it clear you know which strap I'm talking about.
  2. Is it a single piece of foil going all the way around that loop, or a short strap taped on top of the end of the big piece?
  3. Is it connected into the circuit board with solder, contacts or throughs, or not?
  4. how should it be removed from the old board (without breaking it)?
  5. how much of that huge loop of foil should be removed?
  6. Should the matching foil on the new board be removed and replaced, or overlapped?
  7. how do you think it shoud be attached physically and electrically to the matching location on the new board, before reassembly (which involves taping the loose end back to the frame).

Answers welcome from people who are sure it works without the black strap shown in step 16. But as above, please make clear you know which strap I mean.

Thanks to all!

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I will show this to some people in the office tomorrow and get back to you.


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So I talked to some people for you. The strap in question is not important. Your iPod will function without issue without it. I am looking at one right now that does not have it and it is working fine.

Sorry for the confusion, may you be at peace.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Thanks, I'll give it a try.


Okay, to be honest, I removed the strap from the old board, including about 1/8 inch of foil past the end of the black tape. Added some tape of my own (very small cut down piece). At first it was too long and interfered with the "menu" button. Trimmed it a little more. Neither piece of tape holds the old foil against the new board's foil super securely but it held in place well enough for the pressure of front panel against the board to hold it... I think.

(My theory was, touch devices don't work to well with my dry fingers & maybe this makes the click wheel a little more reliable.) I have no proof that transferring the strap was helpful; but what I've got is working.

Andrew and the people Andrew talked to, thanks for the reassurance. Basically it meant I could proceed without worry.


sw6 in that case all you have left is to accept the answer....:-)


I second oldturkey


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