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Keeps hibernating when plugged into ac power


I've had my laptop nearly 2 years, running windows 7 for the past year. Suddenly it seems that when I plug the laptop in to charge it hibernates. It can be at 50% charge and suddenly hibernate. I've restored the system, tried running off AC without battery etc. When I turn hibernation off it wi randomly turn off instead (no warning).

My partner recently dropped my laptop bag with the laptop in it, after which the problems began. Does this sound like a hardware proem, or could the adapter be broken?

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If it doesn't do it while your using it, its just a power saving technique that you can disable, if it does it while your on a furry surface it could be overheating. It could also be that your battery is not taking a charge which will cause it as well as your adapter not charging properly. You might want to get the multimeter out and test the tip for output. A lot of net books and laptops go into hibernation when the battery runs low so you don't lose your work. the other way to try it, is by plugging laptop in AC power WITHOUT battery, (remove the battery before you plugged in) and see what you get. One more thing that you can check is the software settings and check if you have set Hibernation Setting on your system, open "Power Option" (just type it in search) and in "Choose went to turn of display" option, set "Put the computer to hibernation (sometimes it says "Sleep") to "Never" and do not forget to do the same thing in "Change when computer sleep" option on control panel.Now, try to run your laptop using only battery not AC power and see what happens. Hope this helps and is not half as confusing as it appears....Good Luck

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