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HP Photosmart printer introduced in 2010. This printer is considered ePrint capable. Has a card reader that supports Memory Stick Pro Duo, Memory Stick Pro-HG Duo, MultiMediaCard (MMC), MMC Plus, Secure MultiMedia Card, Secure Digital (SD), SDHC. An adapter is required for MMC Mobile, Secure Digital Mini, and MicroSD cards. This printer uses a 4 color semi permanent printhead.

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My hp b210a will not grab the paper

I have a similar problem as Collin Pardy. My hp b210a will not grab the paper. If I push the paper further in to contact the 2nd set of rollers, it will then take the paper and print just fine. It appears that the 1st set of 2 rollers do not even turn. They drop down to contact the paper, and then that's it. Is this a gear problem? Is this repairable? I did that reset process that Arjan recommended. Did not help.

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This problem is usually caused by worn out pickup rollers. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do outside of replace the printer, since the rollers aren't designed to be replaced (at least easily).

I also suspect the printer has a lot of printed pages on it (10,000+) just based on the age alone (~2010 release). This isn't always the case but it's usually what I see on printers that are this old. The problem with a page count this high is there will be a lot of built up waste ink and the waste ink assembly is either nearly full or fully saturated.

This tends to become a problem on old HP inkjets because the waste ink counter does not reliably stop the printer from spilling waste ink. In many cases, the only way you find out it’s waste ink pad is “expired” is a puddle of black ink that the pad just doesn’t want to absorb. As far as I can tell, HP allows their printers to operate this way by design or the counter does NOT work well. Sadly, it's better to recycle the printer and get a new one due to the economic failures printers are to try unless you're dealing with a laser, get the part cheap or secure a donor which has cross swappable parts and it needs $400+ in toner, for a $350 model.

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