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Haswell business laptop introduced by Dell in 2013. This system is notable for being the first Haswell business laptop released. The battery will operate the laptop for 4-7 hours, depending which battery your system is equipped with.

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replacement keyboard not working

Hi there,

I have recently replaced my keyboard with a non-original keyboard and it works only a few minutes and stops. After every BIOS update it works again and stops after a few minutes.

Any idea how i can get this non-original keyboard to work?



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You tried to use your keyboard in safe mode if it is working then there must be an app causing error


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Need to try a DriverPack Solution Software and update the keyboard driver. If the problem persist your new keyboard might have a defect.

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The keyboards on these machines are unreliable and fail a lot more then they should - I’ve been through at least 1 original and 4 replacements on my dual GPU i7 E6540. The 6440 is almost as bad since it gets about as hot as the 6540, but doesn’t run as hot as the MQ 6540 systems.

There is no cure I know of other then downgrading the system to reduce the failure frequency (which I suspect contributes to the problem). That’s not great either, so your best option is to buy the keyboard from a reputable vendor like PartsPeople, which has a 1 year warranty on their parts - which you will need since they’re horrible.

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