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PC is on but no Display Output


So I've been getting this problem for a while now but today it was the worst. Basically sometimes when I try to turn on my PC all my fans start running and light up and my RGB lights also turn on however no display output is sent from the graphics card (This also includes my Keyboard and mouse they don't light when my fans and RGB lights inside the PC are on), however when I hold down the power button for 3 secs and fully turn it off then back on the PC works fine again. However today it took 3 times of fully powering off my PC and back on to turn it on, is this a motherboard issue? (Also I cant test the motherboard HDMI or Display Port as I have a 1st gen Ryzen)


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First, you need to check how contaminated is your PC inside, if so, try cleaning it up. While doing it take off your RAM memories and video card and clean the contacts (the golden part that gets into the board) with an eraser(make sure after that no remains of eraser are left behind in the parts).

If the problem persist, you might wanna check your power supply. Try with a multi-meter to have a reading of the voltage:

- Disconnect all the cables for everything and make a bridge in the green and black cables of the 24 pins cable, it will start up your power supply.

- Then with the multi-meter check:

Black is ground (so you need to used)

Red = 5V

Yellow = 12V

Orange = 3V

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I don’t think I would be a PSU problem as the PC boots after a force shutdown and a turn back on


Do you have installed an updated Bios firmware??


Yup I have. I have tried something which is turning off windows fast turn on maybe that will help


Okay here is a update on the situation, instead of not showing a display output now it keeps double booting, any help? (also is this a serious problem that should get fixed now or can I leave it for a month or so until I get the new part?)


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