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This is a collection of Xiaomi Mi 8 repair tutorials.

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How to solve my mi 8 black screen out issue?

My mi 8 phone screen remains black frequently and now it is absolutly black.

Phone rangs, notification light lights up, phone charges as well but display remains black. So please help to solve this.

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It is because you downloaded black theme for your mi 8. Would suggested to factory reset the phone.

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Maybe 1) the display is damaged 2) the display functions normally, but cannot receive information from the processor, some of the connecting parts must have problems.

As you have mentioned, it gradually become back, so it seems to be 2).

The phone functions correctly except for the display. I recommended sending it back for repairing. It will be very risky as you cannot determine which connector(s) are faulty, and it did not seem to be a software problem.

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