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The iRobot Roomba 870 is an automated robotic vacuum cleaner that is part of the iRobot inc. 800 series Roombas.

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My roomba is not charging

I have just got this new roomba and this is my second day of using it. When it said that the battery was low it went to its charging dock and stared charging. After an hour it starting moving and the app said that it was going to its dock again. So I moved it to the dock but it didn’t charge. I tried wiping the charging heads and the dock and put the roomba back on the dock. I did charge this time but later it stopped charging.

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My Roomba’s charging contacts get dirty and sticky after my grand children have visited. Food, candy and anything sticky ends up on the floor then transfers to the contacts. Use an alcohol wipe to clean the contacts on the bottom of the Roomba and on the charging station.

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I had the same problem. It was my charger. I connected leads to the charger and measured the voltage while it was charging. It began charging with the proper voltage then the voltage dropped with an error.

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