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The Dell Latitude 7350 hybrid laptop (model number: Latitude 7350) is a 2-in-1 device that functions as both a laptop and tablet. Released in 2015, the Latitude 7350 is no longer being produced. You can find repair guides and device information here.

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My battery not charging

After five hours of consistent charging my battery has life has decreased significantly.

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It is best to make sure the simple tasks are performed first.

Check all connections when plugging in the device. Make sure your outlet is functional by using appropriate electrical testing equipment or plugging something like a fan or hair dryer in to test functionality.

Next, double check connections all the way to the unit. Sometimes the charge cord can fail and cause an incomplete connection.

Next you will want to check to see if there is any battery status when the computer is on and the charge cord is plugged in. Sometimes a failed battery will show that it is charging but the battery itself is defective. If the battery seem like it is charging, but discharges quickly after disconnecting charger, then you will need to replace the battery.

The process is of easy nature and requires that you remove the backplate of your unit.

There is a repair guide listed on the device page for the Dell Latitude 7350. There you will find detailed steps and pictures to help you replace the battery.

As always, take caution in your attempt to solve your issue.

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