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2, 2.26, 2.53, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Kernel Panic - ASD Reports Video 2D acceleration test failed

I've had 4-5 kernel panics (grey power button graphic) on my Mac Mini in the last month. They seem to of roughly coincided with a upgrading the RAM, but I'm not certain about the timing. The RAM I used was out of my new 2011 MBP (I put 8GB in the MBP and took the stock 2x2GB out and put them in the Mini).

I also ran ASD 3S132 and it came up with one failed test:

ERROR -- 72 [Video 2D acceleration test failed.]

Is it possible the new RAM (both chips out of the MBP are DDR3 PC3-10600) is causing problems by being to fast? The recommend memory for this model (Mac Mini 3,1 IC2D 2Ghz) is DDR3 PC3-8500, but that seems nonsensical to me.

I'm hoping someone with better hardware knowledge then me might offer some advice... obviously I mean helpful advice, not "take it to Apple"... for example how further to narrow the problem?

I still have and can put the old 2x1GB PC3-8500 chips back in and rerun ASD I suppose, but obviously opening up Mini's is a little bit of work so I'd like to do all the diagnosing at once.

Probably not terribly significant but it's not my primary computer, I use it principally as HTPC, file server and test/diagnostic platform.

Update: I installed the old RAM and still got a fail in 2D Accel/Fill test... frustrated I decided to try several successive PRAM zaps and ran ASD again.. and violia passed the test... I put the new faster memory back in and tested again... and again passed all tests. For many years I've always zapped the PRAM when I replace memory, but maybe I forgot and didn't the first time... Anyway, I haven't used it extensively but it did pass all tests and if I were to wait a week I probably wouldn't remember to come back and update this thread.

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My experience with Macs (about 30 years) has shown me that some of the time faster RAM fails to run or gives Intermittent errors. The G4 desktops with 100 MHz buses would take PC 133 RAM and you could even mix it with PC 100. Of course the faster RAM will not improve speed. I would change the RAM back.

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Thanks Mayer, I'll swap the old ram back in and cross my fingers for it not being the logic board.


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I'm an ACMT so I've seen this error a lot. It's a "false-positive" for lack of a better term. Apple is aware of this and recommends all service providers disregard the error when running 3S132.

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To tell it in another way : it s a hoax, a bug !! This FAILURE is not from your hardware but from the test itself. How can an apple certified test can deliver the EFI test PASSED with a deficient INTEL HD 3000 and deliver OS test FAILED with a fake ERROR 72, 73 and 74. The acceleration seems to work perfectly from tv, streaming, and the test itself. I am selling all this to go back to PC again.

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