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Repair and support for the third generation of the Flip portable speaker by JBL.

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Only playing through one channel

I noticed over the weekend that my JBL flip 3 is only playing one channel through the speaker. It is really obvious when listening to tracks that panning is quite prevalent. I think the best example is during a guitar solo, only the lead guitar comes through.

I guess the most obvious answer would be that one of the speakers is broken, but I am hoping there is an easier solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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if you can open it up and take out the drivers and test them by going left channel and right channel on the volume

if you find the one that not playing sound remove it and push the cone of the speaker with something and look at the voice coil. if it’s black you might want to replace it with another one. and if its golden of copperish label it just in case you forget and plug it in the other side and test if works if and it does you might want go to best buy and go to geeksquad to ether get it replaced or fixed

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