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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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Dead pixels on iPod display after changing battery

I bought a new battery on ifixit and follow the instructions to replace it for my iPod 5th generation (Video). After this, I put on my iPod and realise he was living again. However, I have some dead pixels in the bottom of the display. Could it be a result of the manipulations I did to change my battery or is it only a bad luck?

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Just to say that my dead pixels come slowly to life, so my display isn't dead!


Try to clean your cable and connector with some 90+% isopropyl alcohol. It may take a few times but it might help.


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Honestly, you may have pressed on the screen causing some pixels to be damaged. What I would try doing is applying some pressure to the screen where the pixels are. NOT TOO HARD THOUGH! Pixels are hard to fix, but can sometimes be fixed by heat and flashing many screens of colors on the iPod. I do believe there is a way to do this. Let me grab my iPod and I will see for you. Just one sec and I will post a comment with instructions.

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Yes it could have happened when you changed the battery. The battery sits right behind the screen so to much pressure on the backside can cause display damage. Also make sure that your battery is the right battery for the iPod, just in case you have a 30GB remember that the 60/80 does not fit. Good Luck


I have a 80GB iPod and I've checked the battery and it is the right one. When I opened again my iPod, I noticed that the dead pixels (in the bottom of my display, see picture I've add above) were over the hard drive, not the battery. I've tried to press on my iPod over the dead pixels, but nothing changed. I think I'll have to deal with it. Even if it's sad and strange, it's not that bad because the dead pixels are not very disturbing in the very bottom of the display.


looking at that picture, I do believe that the only way to fix it, is by replacing. The screens are not very expensive and not really that bad to replace.


I've noticed that my "black zone" of dead pixels is growing :P

I think you are right, I'll buy a new display. Thank you for your help!


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