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Restoring screw up...I think

On my iPod Touch 3rd gen, I was restoring but there was an error. Now there is a picture a charger and an arrow pointing up to the iTunes icon on my screen. I try to connect to iTunes but my touch doesn't show up on iTunes. What is the problem how do I fix it.

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Can you please tell me what error you had? I have 3 years experience with tons of iTunes errors. If you let me know what your error was, I can get your iPod back to working fast. Also, @nicksmacandpchelp, that is not DFU mode.... that is just a recovery mode. DFU mode is where you press and hold the power button and home button for 10 seconds and then letting go of the power button while still holding the home button for another 12 seconds.


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Dylan, try using Recboot to get it into recovery mode. There is more info about that on here. Of course you can also try to place it in DFU as Chris commented. Good Luck

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I think the error said cannot restore or something about not being able to restore


when you get that message you should get an error code or you can click on more details and the let oldturkey know the number...he's very good with ipods


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