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The G4 Quicksilver came in 533MHz, 667MHz, 733MHz, 800MHz, 933MHz, And 1.0GHz speeds.

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How can I access my hardrive with this machine

i had a macbook pro but it died. i want to use the hard drive from it in or with a power mac g4 desktop computer i also own because it still works. i know the stuff is old. getting new computers is not an option for me so i have to make this work. I know its possible i just want some direction because i have never built a computer entirely myself.

What is the best way to get my laptop computers hard drive including hopefully its operating system to work in the G4?

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Here's a listing of all of the QuickSilver models: PowerMac3,5

And here's one of the last models: Power Macintosh G4 933 (QS 2002) Here you can see your system uses the older PowerPC CPU which uses a different OS than what your MacBook Pro uses (Intel CPU based).


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If your hard drive is an SATA out of your MacBook Pro and you’re trying to put it in a PATA or IDE drive platform, it’s just not going to work without buying adapters. IDE drives are dirt cheap and not give you all the headaches. It will just be plug and play.

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Your system uses IDE or SCSI drives which is a very different architecture than your MacBook Pro which uses a SATA drive. Review the links above.

The only thing you could do here is get a USB 2.5” hard drive case to put your drive into then you could at least get to your files. But they still might not help you as the older systems apps may not run your newer files as its OS is limited to OS-X X 10.5.8 as thats the last version that has the PowerPC version of the OS. Most apps today have dropped the Fat binaries used back then.

Sadly, This is not really a workable solution either.

Lets go back to your MacBook Pro what happened to it? Maybe we can get it working again. In any case I’m sure it would be cheaper than trying to still buy a new system which you made clear you just can’t swing now.

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@danj, you might want to leave these older Mac questions to old guys who still have them. SCSI drives went out with the advent of the first G3's, maybe a little before. The G4 used IDE drives. Some used the ATA-66 in the optical bay (like the MDDs).


The last one I worked on had two Apple SCSI drives, I'll admit it was many moons ago. Was this an option? As it also had IDE optical drive.


@danj SCSI on Mac went out about 1998. Even the Bonny Blue had EIDE drive. Some machines still had SCSI optical drives during the IDE transition. The problem was the cost and I believe the largest SCSI drive were about 32 GBs. I had a rack mount with about 25 SCSI drives in it.


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