The Roomba Red 4100 is a vacuum cleaner robot produced by iRobot that can clean a room all on its own.

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I only get short or no charge in batteries

I have 6 batteries - yellow & black. The green light keeps blinking on all but 2 of the batteries.

The 2 batteries with a solid green light only charge for about ten minutes. And they only last a few minutes in the Roomba.

How do I figure out which batter IRS are dead AND is there a way to get at least the two batteries to take a longer charge?

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Dan, you can try to reset the charging system. Remove the battery from the Roomba and unplug the charger from the wall and the Roomba. Hold the power button down for 30 seconds. Then try to charge it and see what happens. Of course you should also make sure that the battery is properly seated. Turn Roomba off, empty the Particle Bin, and turn the Roomba over. Remove and re-insert the battery, pressing firmly on both ends of the battery until it clicks into place. The only other way that I know off to charge the batteries by keeping it on the charger for about 72hrs even when the light is green...and if none of this works I would get some new batteries...Hope it helps, good luck to you and your Robot ;-)

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