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Roku Streaming Stick's first model, shown here, was manufactured in March 2014. Since its launch, there have been 10 million units sold.

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How can I watch Roku if my HDMI port has blown?

My LG has 1 HDMI port which has pushed in. I used it only to watch Roku. Is there another way to do that without HDMi?

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* Usually most TV's have more than one each HDMI port try plugging it into another one


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If you buy a HDMI to component converter it is certainly possible. Plug your streaming stick into the HDMI port labeled “HDMI input” and plug a component cable into the component ports labeled “CVBSLR output”. Route that component cable to your TV and you should be able to watch your Roku again.

If you don’t see any video, be sure that the converter is plugged in and turned on and that the component cables are in their designated color spots.

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+1. Most helpful out of all of the answers here because your answer shows how to use this HDMI streamer without a HDMI port.


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This is the most common error that every user can face. The TV has a number of video inputs and plugging in the Roku com link device cable to a wrong port can lead to a no display error. Mostly, all TVs have inputs such as HDMI 1, HDMI 2, AUX, VIDEO IN 1 etc. Based on your TV configuration, you should select this input. Select it rightly and press the INPUT/SOURCE/AUD/ TV/VIDEO button on your TV remote and select the appropriate input from the choice of inputs shown on the TV.

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