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A1708/EMC 3164 — Released June 2017, this entry-level MacBook Pro retains its traditional function keys (as opposed to the OLED Touch Bar).

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Is it possible to upgrade my ssd?

I want to upgrade my ssd and since it is Apple proprietary, I can’t upgrade it on my own. I asked the guys at Apple if it was possible to upgrade it and some said that the ssd is soldered on the motherboard and others said that it is removable, but the MacBook Pro is programmed to only work with the amount of storage it came out with. Does anyone know if what they are saying is true?

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Apple very much solders everything to the board now, including the ram.

I believe your only choice is to add additional storage via an external thunderbolt device, there are some excellent options for this.

i would get something sleek, and with that interface you wont notice any speed difference.

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Some people are saying that the ones without a touch bar have a removable SSD.


Astonishing, i dug around a bit, and you are correct!

I needed to find proof, because apple notoriously solders everything down now

This appears to be a very rare example of them making it easier to configure the models on their end.

Watch this video at 1:50 - you will see the inside of your machine, and the SSD harddrive being removed.

2017 13-inch MacBook Pro Unboxing + Look Inside

Unfortunately i could not find any backchannel solutions to replace the drive 3rd party - however apparently this may change in the next year or so. But maybe not.

Short of showing the people at the apple store that video, and inquiring about them ordering the part for you - they would have to put it in - i'm thinking they only want to fix a broken drive, not upgrade it.

So my original answer is likely your only option unfortunately, until perhaps apple changes the situation.


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Here’s the info you need!

The Function Key models do in fact have a serviceable SSD drive as you can see here:

Block Image

Taking it out

Block Image

What it looks like under the metal shielding

Review the last section of the wonderful guide (Generation 5): The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs for the possible drives you can buy. They are sold out quite quickly! So you’ll need to put a reserve order in to get one.

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Wow Dan digs deep :)

I am humbled, forgive my investigation abilities.


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